L-Arginine is an amino acid that has been investigated for its potential properties in enhancing athletic performance. It is of interest to bodybuilders as it may increase volume of muscele as well as endurance. L-Arginine is used by the bodybuilder due to Nitrix   Oxide (NO). Nitric oxide is a natural vasodilator, which means it is synthesised by your body to temporarily widen your blood vessels. This allows more blood to reach your muscles and give you full volume and size to your musceles. The volume and size make your muscles look larger, feel firmer and the additional blood supply may aid in increasing endurance and weight lifting. L-Arginine is being used by the bodybuilder now worldwide for its enormous benefits and several systems in the body.


Is a precursor of nitric oxide (NO)

Promotes circulation resulting in improved blood flow

Stimulates the release of growth hormone

Improves immune function

Reduces healing time of injuries

Plays a role in the formation of bone and tendons

Increases muscle mass, while reducing body fat

Supports male fertility, improving sperm production and motility

Reduces risk of blood clots and stroke

Supports normal blood pressure

Improves vascular function for patients with angina

Helps recovery after heart attack

Helps prevent and treat cardiovascular disease

Helps reduce growth of cancerous tumors

Recommended doses: – 3 to 5 gram twice in a day.Preferably30 minutes before workout.


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