Extreme Fat Melter


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DNS extreme fat melter formula is natural fat burner containing natural herbs only which is the most patent fat burning extracts for fatty and obese person and that to without any side effect for male and female. The most renowned and precious fat burning extracts are:

Garcinia  Combogia:-  helps metabolism of fat and acts as most appetite suppressant.

Caralluma Fimbriata:-  helps to achieve dieting & thirst quenching goal.

Green Tea:-                  contains the highest amount of antioxidants of any tea.

Green Coffee Extract:-  helps reducing after-meal glucose surges.

Bitter Orange:-         attacks on fat and boosts metabolism.

L-Carnitine:-             is an amino acid that helps burn fat for fuel.

Chromium:-               helps reduce carb cravings.

Dosage : Take 2 capsules 15-30 minutes before exercise, and 2 capsules mid-afternoon. Begin with 1 capsule twice daily for the first week to assess your tolerance level. Do not exceed 4 capsules per day.   Do not consume within 3 hours of bedtime.


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