Monster Weight Fuel




“DNS MONSTER WEIGHT FUEL” helps in building, gaining muscle mass quickly and more efficiently.  It is enriched with essential nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals & fibers required to assist in building muscle tissues.  It is a heady blend of protein for muscle growth and repair, simple & complex carbohydrates for energy, calcium for strong bones and creatine for improving athletic performance.  DNS has added a powerful punch by adding some of the hottest performance enhancing nutrients like L-Taurine and Creatine in the shake.  This is what makes the most reliable weight gainer —you just cannot go wrong when such high quality calories and nutrients come together to boost your performance and muscle mass gain.  All it requires is to train hard and use smartly for those valuable extra calories and speedy recovery time.

DNS MONSTER WEIGHT FUEL adds calories without the hassle of cramming more meals into your daily schedule. Bodybuilders and athletes have a hard time finding the right supplement to gain muscle weight – since they are particular about lean muscle gains, while avoiding fat.  So drink and enjoy it as directed to add up to additional high quality calories per day that help you reach adequate calories consumption during strenuous and intense training session.


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